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 We specialize in     ADULT DRIVING LESSONS!

Let us help you enhance your skills in all types of environments including, city/town, highways, freeways and parallel parking. Our driving lessons are structured for adults with a Temporary Instruction Permit.



Passionately Teaching Safe Driving Skills

Holly and Don have taught Drivers Education both in the classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction for 28 years combined.

We are fully licensed and certified by the State of Michigan.

We provide calm, patient, and positive reinforcement to help build confidence and safe driving skills.


For adult and teen drivers, practice will help perfect their driving. Increased practice will sharpen their road skills by getting extra time behind-the-wheel, which is always beneficial for new drivers.

 Driving Lessons For
Adults and Teens

For Adults (18 years and older) will need to go to the Secretary of State's office to obtain a Temporary Instruction Permit (T.I.P.) before scheduling driving lessons.


Teens that have completed Segment One class and received their Learners Permit will be eligible to schedule driving lessons.


Driving is a huge responsibility and safety is the most important aspect.

You can schedule lessons by calling or texting us at 616-987-0770, or e-mail at

Fully Insured



Our business is fully insured.
We use our own car, a Honda Accord with a passenger side equi
pped instructor's brake. 

Please read below some quotes that our clients expressed about their driving lesson with us. You can find more reviews on google.

Honda Accord used for driving lessons.
Client Quotes

"I attended driving training sessions with Ms. Holly Poore, and the learning experience was par-excellent. Ms. Holly was extremely patient and very encouraging. She was very thorough in answering all the queries. She understood the specific challenge one faces as an adult when learning to drive in a new country, with new rules. The pointers she gave during our training sessions were very helpful during the actual driving test. Additionally, she was very punctual and ensured that I got adequate practice within my stipulated sessions, without requiring  anymore sessions, before I appeared for the test. The pricing of training sessions is also very reasonable. She is an amazing driving instructor for adults, and I highly recommend her driving school, especially for those who come from other countries."

Dr. Chitra 


"Holly is an amazing instructor! My son was extremely nervous. She was patient, kind and encouraging to my son. He passed his drivers test and I couldn't have done it without her. We practiced after she practiced with him and I was amazed at how much progress he made in a short time. He nailed parallel parking every time he practiced after she taught him. I can't say enough. I would recommend anyone to go see Holly. My son is now a licensed driver."


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